A baby will completely change your daily routine.

A baby will completely change your daily routine.
A baby will completely change your daily routine.

Every woman knows how much your life changes after birth. If you have not yet passed through a baby's growing experience, you probably do not know these habits essential to the health and well-being of the baby. Here are some changes in your routine for which you have to be prepared: 1. Sterilization will be a habit everydayWhen you are your mother, you will realize that it is not easy to keep your baby away from microbes. To protect it, it is not enough to be careful not to be touched by people who did not wash their hands. Even objects that seem clean hide potential dangers - such as a bottle.

It needs sterilization because milk can leave difficult to clean traces in less accessible places that can become true \. In the old days, boiling was used. There are currently very special sterilization devices (when you are mother, you will not have time to lose). Be prepared to give up old habitsMay be social life or certain passions - for each parent is different. Your baby will capture so much attention and energy that it will not stay too much for something else.

So do not despair, if you have to be selective. Over time, you will find it worth it. Moreover, when it comes to bad habits, childbirth can be an ideal time for both parents to revise their lifestyle. You and your partner will have a strong motivation to become better people. It's enough to imagine that, over the years, the little girl in your face will do the bad things that you find it hard to quit today.

For many parents, this is an exercise that works. In the morning you no longer need the alarm You probably noticed that baby's babies have frequent crutches and helmet. Lack of sleep is the problem most often raised by new parents. So be prepared to \. If the little one is asleep, he does not waste precious time treading through the house.

Rest; . Particular attention to food purchasesFor happiness, in this aspect you are preparing the months of pregnancy, in which you need to eat much healthier than usual. With birth, the habit of reading each tag and planning the meals. On the contrary, you need to be careful both during breastfeeding and once you start diversifying. Children are not younger adults, so some foods that you consider healthy can make them bad (such as honey, according to the NCBI).

The most beautiful ritual: play with the babyNo all the changes in your routine are difficult. Some are natural and can even charge your batteries. The child needs to play with him and talk to him, no matter how small he is. This step is not optional, and for many parents, this is the most beautiful part of the day. Children need affection and a model to learn different human skills.

For example, it teaches children to talk and that's why it's not recommended to gang and you, even if it looks fun. It may be difficult to have a baby - and that's it! . As a fresh mother explains Parents. com, \. It was not me anymore, I was Mom, and this is the strongest feeling in the world

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