Antidote to a time dominated by stress

Antidote to a time dominated by stress
Antidote to a time dominated by stress

When you encounter situations where stress seems to take hold of you and you notice that it is beginning to generate obstocole in your path, it seeks to bring to your attention that the greatest control over your life lies in . Regardless of the external factors, you can guide the effects of stress on your mind and body. In fact, awareness of the fact that you can do something about this is the cornerstone in finding the antidote of a time-dominated stress. It is important to learn to cope with stress because once it reaches a high level it endangers our entire well-being, having effects both on emotional balance and on physical health. In fact, we know that we have reached a maximum level of stress when we can not think clearly, operate efficiently or enjoy life. The next step after awareness is to identify the source of stress in our lives.

Although in some cases cases seem more than obvious, such as job change or separation from a dear person, there are some reasons that influence our states without realizing. Depending on the source that generates and maintains this condition, Karl Albrecht, the stress reduction training consultant, identified several types of stress. Temporal stress is when you worry about time or lack of it. For example, it may occur when you have too many things to do, and the pressure of time overwhelms you. How can you get rid of this type of stress? .

The anticipatory stress occurs when you worry about future situations, focusing on a specific event such as a presentation you are about to support or changing your job. In order to cope with anticipatory stress, you need to document yourself very well about the aspect that worries you, so that you feel ready and confident when it comes. Situational stress is encountered in situations where you feel you have no control. It may be an emergency, but it is often a conflict situation, loss of status or approval from the group. An example would be when you make a mistake with all your colleagues.

The self-knowledge process is a way to cope with situational stress because you can discover how you react in different situations. Stressing stress is related to people around you and you feel it when you are concerned about interacting with a person or group. To diminish this type of stress, you need to work first with yourself to figure out what part of you are mirroring those people, and once you know yourself, your relationship skills will improve. Regardless of the type of stress we face at one moment or another, it is important to realize that this state is primarily about us, manifesting in our lives for a purpose. To overcome any situation with a lower level of stress, we need to look from a different perspective, know and have the power to recognize what we really are.

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