Are you afraid to have sex or have given up coffee during pregnancy?

Are you afraid to have sex or have given up coffee during pregnancy?
Are you afraid to have sex or have given up coffee during pregnancy?

Without a scientific basis, yet there are. Over time, women who are going to become mothers are informing about dozens of things they are not allowed to do or that put the baby's life at risk. However, these are just myths that need to be explained. 1. You have to eat for two. Wrong, I support nutritionists, who point out that it is important to increase the quality of the food you consume, not the quantity! .

2. It is forbidden to vaccinate you. It is true that certain vaccines are not recommended for pregnant women, but there are also indicated vaccines such as influenza, because doctors have explained, pregnant women have low immunity and are more prone to contracting this virus. Several studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control in America gave the same result: the flu shot does not pose any risk to the fetus. 3.

In the last quarter, it is contra-indicated to travel by airplane. Low air pressure and possible radiation would have generated this myth. In 2015, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in the UK explained that only in case of a pregnant task is it contra-indicated to fly otherwise you can also travel well in the third quarter! . The explanation for such a policy is that staff want to avoid a possible birth on board the plane. 4.

You are not allowed to have sex. If you still believe that . . . find out that sex can not hurt the baby! .

It may be beneficial for you to continue your sexual life while you are pregnant. 5. The shape of your belly tells you if you have a girl or a boy. A study undertaken by researchers almost 20 years ago has removed this myth. It is not true that the girls sit above and the boys below, causing a more 6.

Mom In reality, intuition fails in 50% of cases. According to a study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine in 1996, you have as much chances to guess the child's sex as when you give the money. Half of the women interviewed by the researchers guessed, the other half failed. 7. You are not allowed to drink coffee.

In fact, it is not good to exaggerate or to drink hot coffee or to use caffeine. Two to three cups of coffee per day do not influence the development of the baby in any way, say researchers. 8. You are not allowed cheese. The only ones that are contraindicated are mold cheeses; .

Avoid painting your hair. This myth arose from the fear that all the chemicals in the paint are absorbed into the skin and transmitted to the child. In reality, that does not happen. In addition, the amount of chemicals in the paint has fallen sharply in recent years, and it has become increasingly safer. 10.

If you eat hazelnuts, the baby will be allergic to them. It is another groundless myth, disassembled by specialists. If you do not have any allergies to peanuts, nuts, almonds or other oil, you can consume them without difficulty during pregnancy and with no fear that your little girl or boy will develop such intolerance. Oleaginas are an excellent source of good fat and protein, inform freedom. .

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