Diabetes - the disease that worsens on holidays

Diabetes - the disease that worsens on holidays
Diabetes - the disease that worsens on holidays

First of all, to ensure that he respects the prescription prescribed by a physician, the patient must weigh daily foods containing carbohydrates. Naturally, a balanced, non-problematic meal should consist of: a portion of fresh fruit or vegetables, a portion of meat or eggs, a fresh vegetable soup, a yogurt or a little cheese,. For holidays, it is advisable to consume the following: • Aperitif: it is good to be made of foods with as low as fat, salt or sugar. You can taste more appetizers, but the portions are very small. • If you eat chicken or pork steak, it is advisable not to eat booze salad on that day because it contains a lot of oil. You can also eat pickles or salads in the roast.

Choose from abundant vegetables such as green beans, asparagus. • Sweets should be in small quantities, contain as little sugar as possible, and for example, if the main and the second kind were low in fat, then you can enjoy the desert of one square, two or one half a dozen . • Alcohol can be dangerous because it can cause it. Therefore, avoid eating more than one glass of white wine or a glass of champagne. • Even if the bustle of gifts is big enough, try to have your meal schedule regularly, do not omit to eat.

• A party help trick is to choose a smaller plate and to have a little bit of every meal. • Avoid drinking carbonated drinks and. • You should not neglect exercise, even if you are on vacation. • On Christmas or New Year's Eve, be sure to adjust your doses in relation to the amount of food you consume. It is also advisable to control your postprandial capillary blood glucose 4 hours apart from the beginning of the meal.

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