Hair dyed: how can you keep your color longer?

Hair dyed: how can you keep your color longer?
Hair dyed: how can you keep your color longer?

Do you often paint, but can not you keep the color obtained too long? . A healthy keratin structure can retain its color for a long time without losing its intensity and shine. The more porous the color molecules are less anchored. The discoloration is also caused by a number of other factors. Arabella Zadic, Brand Ambassador System Professional Romania, explains who they are and how they act on hair. The water is hygroscopic, that is, it does not absorb and loses the humidity from the environment.

When we wash, it absorbs water, increases in diameter, making it more sensitive and predisposes it to damage and loss of color molecules. Therefore, it is recommended to use a dyed hair product during washing. Copper Every time we wash our hair, small metals (especially copper) in water can generate free radicals. This process is triggered by ultraviolet rays that cause damage to keratin, the basic hair protein. By oxidation, the surface of the cuticle is affected, and the brightness of the hair color reduced.

UVA light reacts directly to hair and has negative consequences. Numerous other factors, such as chlorine in water, the use of styling and drying equipment, contribute to the loss of color pigments. .

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