Is your child afraid to go to school?

Is your child afraid to go to school?
Is your child afraid to go to school?

Research has shown that there are several categories more prone to developing this phobia: - single parents in parents, - the youngest child in a family, - children with. - often complains of stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, or excessive fatigue without an identifiable medical condition - does not show these symptoms when not going to school on weekends for example - does not show obvious physical signs of disease . - changes in family life, such as moving to another home, death, or other potentially traumatic events, - a well-intentioned but too protective parent, - bullying phenomenon, - fear of the negative reactions of teachers or colleagues. It is important that school phobia be identified early and intervened as quickly as possible in order not to become a chronic problem. The first step is to visit the cabinet. It will examine the child and determine if the symptoms are the result of a medical condition requiring medical treatment.

Then, with the help of one, the possible causes of the problem are determined. Together, parents and psychologist can develop a plan to reduce school phobia. After setting up a school drop-out diagnosis: - Make sure the little one goes to school every day, because the longer you stay at home, the harder it will be to resume the courses, - You understand that although the symptoms are not . Stomach or head ache can be caused by: - ​​Discuss with your child and teacher / teacher to find out what causes his / her fear of school. Can be colleagues who intimidate him or collectively - Identify in school a teacher or other adult who can develop a relationship of trust with the child - Establish if poor performance in learning contributes to the fear of going to school.

Fear of failure is a major cause of school phobia - When the child stays at home for refusing to go to school, avoid fun activities that could strengthen his behavior to refuse courses - Help your child make friends at school. .

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