Oral sex is the key to the success of an adventure (study)

Oral sex is the key to the success of an adventure (study)
Oral sex is the key to the success of an adventure (study)

It is no secret that in any couple, one is more in love than the other and a new revealing study has exposed a barometer to measure the level of affection. The new sexy study found that in a relationship, giving and receiving oral sex clearly shows which of the two is more in love. The study, conducted by VictoriaMilan - dating site for married people or in a relationship looking for a love affair - was based on the opinion of 9. 107 of its active male and female members to find out how important is oral sex in a relationship and who gives it or gets it more. Practicing oral sex has long been a sign of intimacy and trust among lovers, and the importance of oral sex in a relationship is unquestionable. 72% of women and 85% of men say that they think oral sex has its place in every bedroom and its practice should not decrease with the passage of years.

Oral sex lovers can enjoy - most people - almost three quarters of both sexes - say they like doing oral sex. This means 77% of women and 72% of men. Not surprisingly, when it comes to increasing the popularity rate. 89% of women and 94% of men are great fans of receiving oral pleasure. When it comes to having an adventure, oral sex should be on the menu.

Its absence is a reason for separation, according to 65% of women and 68% of men who say they would end an adventure if they would not get licked and sucked because they want it. For those who are experts in providing oral sex but are not great at something else in the bedroom or do not have an extraordinary physical appearance, then they are lucky. 57% of ladies and 66% of gentlemen say they would still receive exceptional oral pleasure. Lovers from Spain, France and the United Kingdom are likely to be in a long-term relationship. Oral sex is a permanent accessory in the menu - and those who disclose it love to practice it.

The ladies in Spain (84%), France (83%) and UK (82%) and men in Spain (80%), France (76%) and UK (79%) say they also like to have oral sex. In the country known for equality in the Netherlands, it should not be surprising that men (80%) and women (81%) love to give oral sex equally. Irish women (80%), Danish (79%) and Belgian (78%) should enjoy - in their own countries, men like to give more oral pleasure compared to women. Irish men (84%), Danes (82%) and Belgians (84%) say they love to meet their ladies. The beautiful women in Poland are known for their abilities in the bedroom, and their sexual repertoire includes a weakness in giving oral sex (78%).

. Nearly three-quarters of Polish men say they also enjoy more oral sex than receiving (73%). . Women in South Africa (77%) and Hungary (75%) know how to please men and really like to do it. Men in South Africa (74%) like to please their ladies a little more than Men (71%).

Italians are known for their love of delicious goodies - and men (81%) like to exhaust their women in the passions of passion. 76% of Italian women say they like to practice oral sex for their lovers. Swedish women (71%), Grecoaice (71%) and Nemtoaice (71%) all have the same level of affection to give them oral sex to lovers. Swedish men (79%) are more generous than their Greek counterparts (71%) and Nemti (71%). .

Austria and Australia are at the opposite sides of the planet, but share the same weakness for fellatio. Austrian women (73%) and Australia (72%) say they like to offer fellas and their men adore this even more, with 75% of Austin men and 76% of Australian men who say they like it . Similarly, the Czech Republic and New Zealand have identical levels of interest in most intimate acts. 71% of women in both countries say it's a menu item they like to serve. 76% of men in the Czech Republic are likely to enjoy the same way, while only 68% of Kiwi men say they would not mind to return the favor.

Norwegians are for equality, and men and women there like to give oral sex in almost exactly the same amount. 70% of women and 69% of men say it's a delight for them to taste their boyfriend. Finnish men (68%), Swiss (63%) and Portuguese (68%) are more likely to taste their lovers, while women are almost as enthusiastic. Finnish women (64%), Swiss women (61%) and Portuguese princesses (60%) will return their oral support. Sigurd Vedal, founder and CEO of VictoriaMilan, said that oral sex has long been considered an act of supreme intimacy, desire and trust.

For love, you will continue to practice oral sex. It is a sign of love, desire and admiration. Vedal. The data for this survey were gathered from 22 countries: Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Norway, Poland, France, Italy, Greece, . .

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