Postpartum depression - why is it and how can it be defeated?

Postpartum depression - why is it and how can it be defeated?
Postpartum depression - why is it and how can it be defeated?

The exact cause is not clear, but there are certain factors that can contribute to postpartum depression. Postnatal depression may be triggered by a combination of physical and physical changes. Physical factors - pregnancy and birth involve important hormonal changes. During pregnancy, progesterone levels are higher than usual. Within hours of birth, the levels of these hormones return to normal. This sudden change can lead to depression.

Other physical factors may include: low levels of sleep deprivation, inadequate nutrition, alcohol consumption. Emotional Factors - Mothers who in the past had depressive episodes are more likely to experience postpartum depression or have depression in their family. Emotional stress factors may include: recent or death of a loved one, serious mother or child health problems, social isolation, financial burdens, lack of affective support. Although it is normal for a woman to feel tired after birth, she goes further than that. Symptoms may be severe and may interfere with the ability to function normally.

The symptoms of postpartum depression vary from person to person and even from day to day. Among the manifestations in the case of postnatal depression are: - sadness or the need to cry without reason - exhaustion - insomnia - continuous state of - lack of appetite or, on the contrary, feeling hungry - various unexplained pains . Antidepressant medication is a first step to treating depression after birth. These drugs can control the symptoms, helping to regain mental balance. Once mentally stabilized, Mom will be directed to a psychotherapist for her.

In parallel, it is recommended to start a regular exercise program, restful sleeping breaks, relaxing massage. Also, dietary supplements, generally those with, help strengthen the weakened body after birth. The physical and moral support of the family is essential for overcoming postnatal depression. .

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